Banyan Street Capital focuses on markets in the Eastern United States, and identifies compelling opportunities created by supply constraints, seller distress, unrecognized value, and growth potential. We also consider opportunistic investments in other geographic markets. Our diversified sources of capital allow us to invest in both institutional and non-institutional markets, as well as in central business district and suburban locations.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and agility, which enable us to capitalize upon different strategies within a variety of markets, regardless of real estate cycles. We also try to be responsive to the desires of our capital partners when selecting assets. As such, our strategies are based upon the nuances of each specific opportunity. In all cases, we:

  • Move quickly
  • Use prudent and thorough underwriting
  • Apply our industry knowledge to create the optimum business plan for each property
  • Actively manage each property and implement its business plan
  • Provide timely and comprehensive reporting to our partners and lenders
  • Implement effective disposition strategies

We will consider core, core plus, value-added and opportunistic acquisitions.


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Currently, we own or manage over 60 buildings comprising nearly 9 million square feet.