About Us


Banyan Street Capital is a leading private real estate investment firm with the expertise and resources to deliver effective solutions for today’s commercial real estate market. As a premier owner and operator of office buildings, we help our investors and partners implement strategies that add market value and deliver high risk-adjusted returns.

Our team is composed of industry veterans who are highly experienced in all aspects of real estate investment and management, from sourcing through realization. Specifically, we offer:

  • The expertise to identify outstanding real estate opportunities
  • The established infrastructure to acquire and underwrite real estate assets
  • The skill to develop sophisticated structures that meet financial objectives
  • The ability to fulfill due diligence, compliance, risk, and administrative requirements
  • The experience to deliver value-added management, asset disposition, and high risk-adjusted returns
  • Longstanding relationships with leading financial institutions, brokers, investors, and advisors throughout the real estate industry, which provide us with informational advantages and access to off-market and exclusive opportunities

The firm’s principals have been involved in the acquisition of over $3 billion of real estate assets and have successfully executed disposition strategies including the sale of operating businesses and real estate portfolios in excess of $1 billion to publicly-traded REITs.

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